Auto Progress Slider Self Flex in a Cell


I am trying to use Auto Progress Slider in a grid that has two columns and cells, but when I set the the Self Flex to “Fill Space Equally” or “Fill Space”, it does not fill the cell both horizontally and vertically.

I want the slider to responsively crop at different screen sizes, and I do not want to set the min/max height using an em/px value. I tried a % value, but that doesn’t work as well.

In other words, I want the slider layout to work like a background photo.

Sorry for bothering you with this basic question, by the way. Images has self flex property and but I could not find anything on the docs or and forum about how it works and what are the caveats.

Thanks for the great help, as always.


Hey Gunes,

Thanks for writing in! Can you please share the URL of the page so we can check your Cells and other page element settings?

I would suggest that you use a DIV element, and set the position to absolute with the 100% width and height. You can then place your Auto Progress Slider inside this DIV element.

Best Regards.

Thanks for the response @ruenel, this is I guess how the sliders work and I may over expectations. After checking the other sliders, I see that the slider height is usually set here:

Autoplay Progress Slider > Slide Container > Slide.

If I take the Autoplay Progress Slider as an example, Min and Max Height are set to 28 em and 42 em, respectively. I place the slider in Column 1 of a two-column row, and I expect its height to responsively change depending on the text’s height in Column 2 (see the link in the secure key), but it doesn’t. When I change the Min height from 28 em to 100 %, the slide disappears, which doesn’t make sense to me, and I couldn’t find a setting that makes the slider’s height responsively change depending on the neighboring column’s or cell’s height. As far as I understand, sliders should always have a px, em, etc. type of height unit, which makes them not fully responsive. Am I right?

Hello Gunes,

The Slide needs an initial or minimum height. This is why it does not display when set it to 100%. In needs fix values such as px, em. Regretfully what you have in mind may not be possible with the current slider settings and styling. It is best that you use Slider Revolution instead.

Best Regards.

Thank you so much @ruenel!

You are most welcome.

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