Assigning a custom archive to a page

Hey guys! I’m currently struggling with archives and their output. I have create a custom archive page that outputs a bunch of data sets from a custom post type (ACF Pro). The archive works beautifully but I cannot figure out how to output it on my site. I want to have a specific page I can log on to to view the archive. How would I go about doing that? I know it must be something totally simple but I can’t see it

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An archive layout can only be assigned to the archive pages. You cannot assign a custom archive layout to a normal page. If you would like a page to display a bunch of items from a particular custom post type along the custom fields for each item, you will have to do it on the page itself. You just need to have a “more” button that will link you to the archive page because the pagination will only work on an archive page.

Hope this makes sense.

Hey Ruenel. Thanks for your reply. I think I have problems understanding Archive pages thne. To me obviously the blog is an archive page that loads single posts and displays them. Can I just have one archive page? One example - before, if I wanted to display an “archive” I used the grid to load specific posts and display them in a grid that then can be added to a page via shortcode. I would like to omit that step of using a plugin and create an archive layout within cornerstone that is then displayed on a page of my choosing. I don’t know if that makes sense or did I misunderstand the general purpose of creating archive layouts?

Sorry for my lack of understanding and thanks for your help!

Hello Umberto,

Thanks for the updates. The Archive pages in WordPress are the following:

  • Blog Index
  • Category Archive
  • Tag Archive
  • Author Archive
  • Date Archive (year, month)
  • Custom Post Type Archive

(Check out the template heirarchy here: Template Hierarchy (1685×1051) (

Well, if you want to display post items on a normal page, you can still do that. You can make use of the Loopers to be able to display the post items. The pagination will not work though. Still, you can create a button and then when a user click on the button, it can go to the specific category or tag archive.

If you are not familiar with our Loopers feature yet, please check this out:

Or check out these videos:

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I watched the videos. That’s how I learned to create the custom archive with ACF pro.

So you’re saying that basically I can treat an archive like a page and link it from wherever? Pagination I don’t need. I would need to password protect the page though. Is that possible with Archive pages?

Hello Umberto,

An Archive page is an archive page. It will not be a normal page. You can link it from anywhere. If you already have created an archive layout and want to copy it on a normal page that would be easier than treating an archive page like a normal page.

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