Article "Leave a comment"


I did write an article

And at the bottom, there is “Leave a comment”
“Your comment”
And “Submit”

How can I change it to turn into French?
I want to modify this


Hi there,

You can do that by translating the theme to French. To do so please kindly read the article below:

Thank you.

I did create a translation with the Poedit. However, I do not have any child theme so I used the alternative method, but it didn’t sork.

Hi there,

On what textdomain you translate those strings? Those belong to x textdomain, so you should translate it on that textdomain. Even if there are two the same string but with different textdomain, you’ll have to translate them separately.

I suggest using 3rd party plugin like WPML or similar that offers manual string translation since it should work regardless of textdomain.