Any news on Rank Math compatibility?

I have asked this a couple of times before and there have been murmurings of Rank Math compatibility, although any responses tend to be a “wait and see” response.

Rank Math is now used by over 1.5 million users according to their site and it is fully compatible with other builders such as Divi. They now have a cool content AI feature which requires credits that expire. I have credits as part of my subscription, although much of the feature doesn’t work as basic things such as headings and links are not recognised.

Will Rank Math be fully compatible any time soon and if so, is there a planned date for this to happen?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out.
Currently the Rank Math is not fully compatible, or not yet fully integrated. There is only a certain degree that which it might work. Though, this has been already added as a feature request.


Thanks, but any idea of when it might be added? Does being added as a feature request mean that it will be fully compatible at some point?

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any ETA for this till now.


OK, thanks. Hopefully this is something that will be added soon.

You are most welcome, Paul.

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