Animation Glitching on phone

Hi there is a scroll animation that always glitches on phones on our front page on the bottom (it’s a brain image). I have added our link in the secure notes because I am not sure how to share videos here.

Hey @vividground,

Thanks for reaching out!

I check your website on my actual mobile phone but I don’t see any glitch animation. Would you mind sharing more information about the said issue? Providing screenshots or videos is a great help.

On the other hand, you may create a video then add it to your Google drive then paste the link of the Google drive in the secure note.

Hope that helps.

Here is the video :slight_smile:

This happens everytime the pages is loaded

Hello @vividground,

When viewing your site, I am seeing this on my phone.

I could not replicate the issue by the way. Are you using an iOS device?


Yes, iPhone 13 Pro. Safari & Chrome tried both in normal and incognito mode