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Hi, I have tried to catch your attention with a flag to re-open an old post but I’ve seen that there’s no views of my message.

So, I open a new ticket. The problem is the same of post linked above: I have put the absolute url in The Grid link section, but the link doesn’t work.

If I go over the element with the arrow I can see the right link in status bar at the browser bottom, but when I click it takes me to, bypassing the slug “stanze”.

You can see this behaviour goin’ to and navigate to the bottom in correspondance of the last “The Grid” slider.

If you click on the first element (“Stanza gialla”, you have to go over to see the text) the target it’s not, but just

How can I resolve this issue? And depends on what?

Thank you very much

Hello Alessandro,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I checked the website and can see that you are using old version of X Theme, Cornerstone and The Grid Plugin. Please update X Theme 6.4.6, Cornerstone 3.4.6 and The Grid 2.7.1 to avoid any compatibility issues. You can take a look at following resources to update.


Ok thanks, I first proceed to update and then I will check if the problem disappears.

You’re welcome and thanks for testing.

I have updated all the components, but The Grid plugin. I can’t find where update it. Can you help me?


Hi Alessandro,

If you have enabled automatic updates (, you can head over to Dashboard -> Updates section and update your plugins.

If you don’t see any update notifications, then click on the “Check Again” button.

Alternatively, you can also head over to Plugins -> Installed plugins section and update your plugins.

Also it is possible to download the plugins from your Envato account and then you can use the plugin folder to update manually.

Hope that helps.

Hi, Yes I have automatic updates active, but in my wp installation there’s no alert for an update of The Grid plugin.

Anyway I have downloaded directly from Envato and uploaded manually. With all updated at last version, the problem of anchor link illustrated above still remains.

Can you check? Thanks

Hi Alessandro,

It will not work if there is an element with the same id on the current page.

In your stanze page, ty to add a container to your content bands then add a unique id to your container.

For example

Then change your link with that ID.

Hope that helps

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Thank you very much, this has resolved the problem.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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