Am I missing something with this Pro theme?

The point of a wordpress theme is to build great looking website fast. I don’t see how X or Pro is helping me do it?

  1. There is a severe lack of professional looking widgets. Your “Elements” are absolute basic on their own.
  2. Steep learning curve with mediocre results. The amount of effort it takes to make your Elements look professional is ridiculous. What’s the point of this? How is this simpler than writing HTML & CSS?
  3. The templates you offer have little variety in them. Most of them are just bunch of images with little features. They don’t offer anything useful for a business website.

I want to build a website fast and get on with my business. I’m not here to learn your platform. What am I missing here?

Note: I own a business and want to build a great looking professional website. So I am not getting paid to build website itself.

Hi Kunal,

I have read all the points you have mentioned and all of them are your opinions about our product and I am not sure how we can help you here as a support member. We will try to answer the questions but I don’t think it will have any difference as you seem to be already made up your mind about our products:

1- Our elements are all basic to start up your page. There are enough options to change things and style them without coding and only using options. Then you can do it as a one-time thing and save them as a template which you can use later on your website. For more information:

2- This is the nature of a page builder, you can use any other page builder such as the Visual Composer and that is the case, The builder supposed to give you tools to design the page and not give you ready to use bits. To have the ready to use websites you need to use the X theme, then you will be able to import the demo content. For more information:

3- I am not sure what are you talking about. If you are talking about the demo content we already introduced it in the demo page and you had the chance to check all live:

If you are talking about the design cloud in Pro theme you again had a chance to check all of them live:

We do not intend to engage in an opinion exchange here as this is not what we do as a support team here if you have a specific question about the product we will be more than happy to help you, and we suggest that you start with the getting started section of the list below:

Finally, every system has a learning curve, and again as a support staff, we can not change that. We can help you direct to the proper documentation to learn stuff but other than that I am not sure how we can be of a help.

Thank you for your understanding.

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