All menu items keeps activated at the same time

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I’m using a onepage layout, but not setted to onepage so I could use a side menu, but there’s a secondary page to show all the crew from the business that uses the same menu. I can’t just use #sectionname in my menu links because it will not work in the secondary page, so I used and it worked very well, but now the hover function of the first page is broken, all the items keeps on all the time. Is there a solution for this? Maybe a CSS shortcode that I can apply? Or its better to change the way I’m setting up the menu?

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Thank you for writing in, One Page Navigation is only for one specific page. Do not assign this menu as your primary menu, this is the common reason why one page navigation menu items highlights simultaneously.

Create another menu and assign it as your primary menu so this would be the menu that your secondary pages will use.

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I tried to create another menu with only anchor points (#sectionname) and use it in my main page, but if I use the option to use one page navigation, my menu bar goes to top automatically, and it is a sidebar layout. I’m already aware that one page navigation embbed to xtheme are meant for fixed and static to top navbars, so I’m just not using this option, but still using anchor points to send the user directly to the right session.

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Unfortunately, what you are trying to achieve needs customization that is outside the scope of our support. Yes, by using one page navigation, it means it will be fixed top. This is the limitation of this setup as stated on the article. If not the result would be what you get which is multiple active links. As much as we want to provide a workaround, this might not be sustainable and might cause issues on the future. You might want to check superfly menu instead: