Aligning an element like text or image

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You can upload the file and post the link here in a Secure Note which is the key icon below your response.

Thank you.

Hi, I see no link to attach my file?

Where do I upload the file to?

You can upload the file in any uploader sites like this or you can upload it in your Wordpress media section and get the link from there.

Got it.Thank you.

Hello Phillip,

I am assuming that you are using X Theme.

  1. To change header background color, please use following CSS under X > Launch > Options > CSS: .x-logobar{background-color: #fff;}

  2. Can you please elaborate what you mean by color numbers?

  3. Looking at the image, it seems that logo image has background color. I suggest you to use image editing softwares like Photoshop and remove background color and save image in a .png format.

  4. If you just want to change the position of text elements by few pixels then you can the option to use CSS margin property. Please refer following article to learn more

  5. You want to display a image stating special offer or you want to list products? In the case of former you can use Cornerstone image element, as for latter you have option to use WooCommerce shortcodes.

  6. You need to remove search and recent post widgets from Appearance > Widgets.

  7. You can refer following post to stop showing up related YouTube videos.

  8. Can you please elaborate the question?


Thank you, please allow me some time to absorb your answers and I’ll get back in my time. Eastern standard time, North America.

You’re very kind and helpful.

You’re welcome.
We’ll be standing by and let us know how it goes.

Hello There,

Please simply create a username/pass with any email address. All we need is the username and password to access your site.


I sent a note yeaterday via file io.
I am Useing X with the theme Bed and Breakfast.

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The username seems invalid. Please double check the username and password. By the way, I am checking this site: Maybe I am checking the wrong site.


Hi there,

I like to clarify some points first, what are the remaining issues that we should discuss? I’m kind of lost of following the above discussion.

Plus, when you upload a file in, you have to copy the given URL (Copy URL button) and provide its in a secure note.


Hello There,

We were able to logged in to your site. We are lost at the moment since only Prasant saw the pdf file. Could you please send us the link of the pdf file that you have uploaded in again?

Meanwhile, you can check out Cornerstone, our very own page builder. This should be able to help you in building the pages of your site by simply dragging text elements and images element into the page. To get familiar with Cornerstone, please check this out:

Please let us know how it goes.

I have been working with Cornerstone in Theme X (Not Pro) and am trying to figure out how to stay in Cornerstone and build the Header and Footer?
There is a certain amount of confusion as to whether one is able to build a site entirely in Cornerstone and seem to find myself having to ‘leave’ Cornerstone to achieve specific objectives like working on the Headers and Footers. For the novice this is really confusing. I try to subscribe to the concept of KISS!
(Talking to myself) Keep it simple stupid!
Maybe I’m confusing you too. :frowning:

Hi there,

That’s okay, it’s only normal :wink:

You may use Pro theme, it has built-in cornerstone and a header/footer builder.


When I try to activate Cornerstone in Pro I get this message:
Please advise.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Cornerstone_Plugin_Base in /home/pfourie/ on line 6

Hello There,

You do not need to activate Cornerstone plugin when using Pro theme. Pro theme has integrated all the Cornerstone features already and that is why it is no longer needed to activate Cornerstone.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

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Hello X Support,

Here’s wishing you a lovely Christmas or just a warm and happy festive season, whichever you subscribe to.

I will give you a rest until after my Christmas celebrations with a hope you’ll continue to have renewed patience with me/us as total newbies.

Take care and than you gain!


You’re welcome, Philip.

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