After installing a Caching-Plugin and Cloudflare, css acts strange

Hi there,

i tried today to install Hummingbird Pro as a caching-plugin and activated Cloudflare-Support as well. Since then, every page acts strangely - some css is loaded, other definitively is not. Currently, my whole page is a big mess. Even when i try to add or replace content in Pro, every Content Element is not shown correctly, but without a lot of detail.

If i activate another style in the design customizer, everything is loaded back to normal. I have currently deactivated all the plugins, but Cloudflare is still up.

I’m a bit at a loss, as how to proceed from here.

My best,

Hi Martin,

Thanks for writing in! We basically recommends the W3 Total Cache plugin. You can follow this guide (, on how to utilize on to your site.

With regard to CloudFlare, try disabling it’s CSS autominification and Javascript autominification by head over to Speed tab. Since X already provides a minified version, you can ignore that feature.

Also check the following resource for more information (

Hope that helps.

It seems like disabling the auto-minification of Cloudflare did the trick the second time, after reinstalling a new copy of Pro onto my server. I’m currently reactivating all the plugins. Hummingbird seems to do fine now, after disabling minification for the Pro css-files as well.

I’ll keep you posted.

Glad to hear that. Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Reactivated now all the other plugins, everything seems fine now, including the Caching-Plugin Hummingbird. I took the css files out of minification within the Caching-Plugin and Cloudflare - which was basically what it took to bring everything online again. Thanks for the tip regarding Minification.

We are happy that we are able to help you!


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