Advice needed

I work full time for a government agency and was just told after 3 years to cease and desist all business matters outside of my work hours. Although I’ve not broken any ethics laws, they insist that having a business outside of work could be “perceived” as a conflict of interest. They want my website “taken down” within 7 days and for me to stop all business.

I don’t want to take my site down and have decided to retire effective 10/31/17. I’ve had enough!

My Question:
I have 6 pages on my site. My blog page has 156 posts under it.

  1. Is there an easy way to redirect the pages and blog posts to a page that says “under construction”?
  2. If there is a better way to word things or do things rather than putting an “under construction” page up, please advise.

Thanks in advance!


Hi there,

I suggest that you use our Under Construction plugin:

Hope it helps.

Thanks for your instruction. I downloaded the plugin and took the steps above, but I’m still seeing my regular page. I’m not sure if it is because I’m on the same IP address. Would you check and see if has a construction page on it? thanks in advance.

I saw it for a minute but now see your construction page.

Ok this is strange, when I type the website address into the browser or right click on your link and open in a new tab I get your home page. When I try to click on any link on your home page or just click on your link here I get the construction page.

I think it is working now; could you check once again? Thanks for all your help!

Looks good, good luck on your transition!

Glad everything is working now :slight_smile: