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we are using the church demo version and want to post some audios. We are not satisfied with the design and want to make some adjustment to it. Maybe you can help us.

  1. I want to post more than 4 sermons. Can I increase the post count?I want them all to display on one page. 4 in a row are fine. Screenshot is example.

  2. I don´t want a link for each sermon, not a permalink. I would like to have it play once I click on the image. Is this somehow possible?

Thanks a lot


Hey Anna,

It would be best that you use one of our bundled grid plugins for this case. You will first need to choose and learn the grid plugin of your choice and you’ll be able to achieve what you require. Please see the items below:

I’ll give you another option but using a grid plugin would be easier in my opinion. You can build the page using Cornerstone and setup 5 columns. For the images, set it as the column background and in each column add a Gap and Audio elements. For Cornerstone usage instructions and details about the said elements, please see our Knowledge Base.

Hope that helps.


can I not somehow just increase the number of posts?
Therefore I would use churchtheme and have 8 or more post of sermons in a grid version.
Your demoversion of churchtheme has 6 sermon online. But I can only increase them up to 4 with the number of “post count”.


Hello Anna,

You are using the Recent Posts element which can only be used to display up to 4 items only. If you want to display 8 items, you will have to insert two recent posts element and on the second recent post element, please make use of the “Offset” option so that it will display the next 4 items.

And if you are using the recent element shortcode, you use two shortcodes like this:

[recent_posts count="4"]
[recent_posts count="4" offset="4"]

Hope this helps.

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