Adjusting Gym Expanded Demo

Hi, I am a complete novice with xtheme and wordpress so sorry if this is a basic set of questions.

I have installed xtheme and the expanded Gym demo. I have also added the childtheme.

Is there any detailed documentation on the Gym demo regarding changing various elements etc? In particular I am struglling to find the setting to change the colour of the line under that appears in the main menu. It is orange in the expanded demo.

Also the “contact us at” in the top left bar, I am also unable to locate the setting to change just that text. I can change the social icon colour and hoover but not the contact text.

Appreciate your help.


Hi there,

Thanks for posting in.

Unfortunately, there is no available documentation per demo. But you can check our knowledge base and it’s not demo specific :slight_smile:

As for menu active status, you can change its color by going to Admin > X > Options > Header > LINKS – TEXT then you should see two colors and it’s for idle and hovers (active) color.

As for contact in the top bar, you can go to Admin > X > Options > Header > MISCELLANEOUS > TOPBAR CONTENT and you should able to change it there :slight_smile:

You may check this KB for more information about header options.


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