Adjust Column Height

I have a section (Section 4), in it is a row and there are three columns in the row.
Columns 1 and 3 are empty and there is a Classic Feature List in column two.
Now - how do I set the height of the columns so as their height is adjusted by the height of the content (Classic Feature List in this case)?

Edit: even if I adjust the height of the columns to the content, the height of the whole section doesn’t change. That confuses me, I thought the height of the section is dependent on the height of its content…?

I want the Classic Feature List to be as far from the upper section (3) as from the lower section (5).

Hope it makes sense, here is a screenshot:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for reaching out.

On the builder the height of the columns will look like that but when you save your changes and preview on the front-end the height of the section will just the same as the height of your content.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

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Thanks, @marc_a!

You are welcome @danielprague