Adding Woff Errors

Hey folks, I’m not seeing any files i upload to the media directory when i go>to

“FONTS” >> “Custom Fonts” & “+Add Item” & “Import Font Family”

when the upload file/media directory interface opens there no files viewable. I don’t know if this is a bug or what is going on, but i’ve also tried “select files” and “drop files to upload” and so far no .woff files seem to be working when i upload them here too…

any suggestions?


Hello Erich,

Thanks for writing in!

For most WordPress installations, the font files should be displayed in the media insert modal. It seems that nothing is displayed. Though you can upload the font files, it does not display on the modal. There could be a missing server configuration in your installation. Please go to Tools > Site Health and check the issues as there are one or more recommended modules that are missing to run WordPress smoothly. You may need further assistance from your hosting provider.

Best Regards.

Hey @ruenel,

What i am seeing with the add fonts interface is nothing in the add media modul. although within media i can indeed see the files, i see nothing when click “import font family”.

Site Health check is:

this is what i see when i click “import font files”:

this is what i see when i check out the media library:

Hi Erich,

Where did you get your custom font files from? I uploaded a test custom font on your site and that works just fine, I leave it there so you can see it. It both shows up on Media Library and Font Manager (import font files).

I believe the custom font that you have is not properly converted or not a Webfont at all.


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