Adding "The Grid" Elements to pro

This may be a stupid question but with X theme (before the last major update) I could go into Cornerstone and add “the grid” plugin directly from the elements menu (as shown here:

Is there anyway to do this now or do I need to use the short code for The Grid plugin? I’m using the Pro theme to test it out on a friends website and noticed it was missing from both the advanced and classic elements. I don’t mind using the short code but I was just wondering if I’m missing something new that has occured! :smiley:

Thanks in advance,


Hi There,

Thanks for sending us the issue!

The grid element is still exist in classic element section!


OK. I had to turn the grid plugin off and on again, failed the first rule of anything!

Thanks for your quick reply :smiley:


No problem.
It’s good to know that it is working now.

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