Adding new element in top navbar


i’ve been searching for this solution on google and this forum but no topic has solved my problem.

problem :
i want to add new php code after menu on the top nav bar, where i should input the php code ?

i seems to searching the file for a week and till now i cannot find the path where i can modified or add new php code element in top nav bar

here is my navbar layout :

im having trouble with custom modification with X theme but for begginer, x theme was extremely easy to use

(i’m sorry for my bad english)


Hi There,

You have to activate and install the child theme first:

After that copy this file to the child theme from the parent theme in the same directory(if they’re not existed, create them):


Your custom code should be insert the <?php endif; ?>.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Hello @thai

ahh there you go inside Legacy folder

thank you, you save my day


You’re welcome.

For the customization best pratice, please take a look at this:


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