Adding link to columns or classic feature list box

Hi there! I’m using a single feature on a classic feature list as a link to my social media, phone number, email, etc., on 4 columns side by side.

The feature list text is linked appropriately, but I would like either the column or the feature list box to be linkable to the external sites as well.

I’ve scoured a dozen pages that I experimented with JS, column ID/Class, all sorts of stuff, but I can’t figure it out.

I also understand that the way I’m building basically a button might not be the most effective way to do this, but I like what I have and I’m hoping I can make it work. I am open to other ideas though if this isn’t possible.

Please help! Thank you!

Hi There,

Please try with this solution:

If it doesn’t help, please provide us with your website URL which you’re working on it so we can take a closer look.


It worked! Thank you so much! Just one problem though!

The columns now have zero spacing between the elements. When I’m editing in cornerstone, the spacing between the columns looks good, but when I view the page the columns are touching side by side. The spacing should be about 50px between each column.

The webpage is

Hi @cmsmace,

It’s the effect of wrapping the column with a link, in layout, there are row and column structure, putting a link in between row and column affects it. Columns are usually a divided sub-sections of a row, now that it’s wrapped by link. The columns now became the sub-section of the link instead of row.

How about adding them as a button instead of styling the column as button? You can change the button’s link, drop shadow, icons, text, and background. Please check this


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