Adding elements within elements, such as Accordion

I am looking for a way to put elements within elements. Specifically a way to use Accordion or other element that reveals additional content on click, so that a form will be revealed when clicked. It doesn’t have to be Accordion, I’m open to other elements.

Hello @tuckers_kahuna,

Thanks for writing in! There are elements that you can insert other elements like the DIV element where you can insert a Text, Image, Button or Accordion elements. Some elements like the Tab and Accordion elements, it is built to accept only plain text or custom HTML content. It is not possible to insert other elements like a Button or Image elements. What you can do is to go to Cornerstone > Global Blocks and then create a block. Take note of the global block shortcode and then you can use that shortcode inside the Accordion or Tab element. If this is the first you heard about the Global Blocks, please check out this documentation first:

Hope this helps.

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