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Probably a dumb question I am using Revolution Slider, one of your partners I think.

I am trying to add in the custom slider header and footer I created in their plugin.
The Header: [rev_slider alias=“nice-and-clean-menu”][/rev_slider]
The Footer: [rev_slider alias=“nice-and-clean-footer”][/rev_slider]

Is there a way to have these just show up on my page /test-form/ and all the other pages I would like? As if the header and footer aren’t the same across the website it’s just going to look weird and be more confusing.

Hi @AK49_Logan_907,

Thank you for writing in, do you mean you want the Slider to be the Header and Footer? If so, there is no automated way to do that to all your pages, but you can do that by adding the Header slider as the first section, and the footer slider as the last section. see this page for your reference. You can see there that I used Classic Revolution Slider element for adding the slider in the page.

And since you don’t need the native Header and Footer, set your Page Template to Blank - No Container | No Header, No Footer

Since you’re new to the Theme, please give some time to learn how the page builder works.

Cornerstone / Content Builder - Introduction
Cornerstone / Content Builder - How to Get to The Editor

Hope it helps,

Thank you so much for the help! I am running into some issues though.

I already have the page template set as such with “Blank - No container with Header and Footer”.

In the settings with cornerstone, “Above the Masthead” seems to work fine, but Im still getting the X theme default title showing my website name with the cursive font is still there. Even with “Disable page title” turned on. Not sure…

The Footer being setup “below the masthead” is still up on top the screen above all the other cornerstone content. Am I missing something basic here? Hopefully, the images help.

Thank you again!

Hi @AK49_Logan_907,

Featured Masthead Sliders (below or above) is part of Header. If you set to “Above the Masthead” it will place the slider above the header like this, if you set to “Below the Masthead” it will place the slider literally below the header like this.

So for you to have a footer slider, you need to place your footer slider as the last section, and set your page template to No Container | Header, No Footer.


Hi again @friech ,

I really appreciate all the help. I know this may be simple it’s just throwing me off.

I have the page /forms set to “No Container | Header, No Footer”.

The Header seems to be working fine.

  1. How do I delete the older X theme page title with the cursive letters? Circled in red on the “pagetitle.png”
    I do have page title disabled.

2, I have a footer setup but only using cornerstone. It doesn’t seem to be a real footer but only an element. What am I missing here? When looking at the other two images you can see it’s using cornerstone and there is a white bar underneath it?

Thank you again so much! Hopefully we can solve this!

Hi @AK49_Logan_907,

  1. Please change the template to "No Container | No Header, No Footer". instead of "No Container | Header, No Footer"

  2. That’s the last section padding, please set its bottom padding to zero.

Hope this helps.


If I use the “No Container | No Header, No Footer”, then the slider revolution header goes away along with the X theme header. I don’t see where to change the padding?

Is there a way to add in the Slider revolution header like it’s set on my home page?
Shortcode for the Slider Revolution Header: [rev_slider alias=“nice-and-clean-menu”][/rev_slider]

I added in another image, hopefully we can solve this! Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

I did try this CSS but it didn’t seem to work.

.x-block-grid > li,
.x-block-grid > li p {
margin-bottom: 0;

Hello @AK49_Logan_907,

@Rad suggested to use “No Container | No Header, No Footer” page template which means that your slider should be added in the first and very last section of the page instead.

For the white space at the bottom, this probably came from the padding of the last section. By default, each of the section has a 45 pixel padding. I might be wrong and this maybe coming from other sources. Would you mind providing us access to your site so that we can check your settings? Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out:


Will do, adding now. Thank you!

I bet you can solve this in 5 minutes haha

Hello @AK49_Logan_907,

I have edited your page and change the sections. I added another section just for the slider at the bottom. And then the white space were already removed.

Please check your site now.

Hi @RueNel ,

Awesome everything you did was great! Thanks so much!

One more small issue if you have a few minutes?

  1. There seems to be some overlap from the “Headline” and “Content Area” in columns 1 and 2. I assume this is a cornerstone error? Do you know a fix?

As always, thanks!

Hello @AK49_Logan_907,

I have resolved your overlap issue. It is coming from a custom css added in your slider.

#menu_forcefullwidth { z-index: 5000; position:fixed !important;top:0px;left:0px;width:100%;height:0 !important; }

I did the following to resolve your issue:

1.) I removed the custom css.

2.) I set a minimum height in your column of 90 pixels to prevent a jerking motion of the page while the slider is loading.

3.) I did remove the top and bottom padding of the section 1

4.) I also added a background color #2d3032 for the section 1 so that there is no white to black section background color while the slider is loaded.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, you are amazing! @RueNel

We are happy to help, Cheers

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