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I know there has been some threads regarding adding sidebars on the portfolio page, but I wanted to add some content below or above the social share buttons within a portfolio item, if that makes sense. For example being able to upvote a particular portfolio item, that way we can gauge interest.

I’ve already looked around for some plugins, just need a general idea on where to look in the theme files to be able to add on to that particular section of the theme.

Hopefully that provides enough info.


Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! Custom development is outside the scope of the support, however I can point you to the right direction.

First you need to create a child theme and activate it ( Then you can copy the following file according to your stack {Stack: Integrity, Ethos, Icon, Renew}

Social share buttons are rendering from the following line.
<?php x_portfolio_item_social(); ?>

Basically you can utilize ACF Pro plugin to create a custom field for your content and then integrate it to that template. For more information, please check the following post (

Hope that helps.

Hey there.

Do the ACF Pro tags work still as outlined. I create a custom field and based on the info it should be p><?php the_field('upvote_test'); ?>

(based on the field name).

I’ve done the child theme, created a copy of all the files into said child theme, and replaced the code as outlined in the tutorials.

Important to note here that it just isn’t showing up. Everything seems relatively straightforward which is why I’m wondering if things changed since a lot of those posts were in 2016.

Hi There,

Yes, the information provided is accurate and straight forward. We also have a guide for ACF Pro here (

First test it by adding some text to see if you have setup child theme correctly.


Some text to content-portfolio.php, not sure exactly where you mean.

Hi There,

You can just print something on your template
<?php print "Test"; ?>

Or you can add some HTML code just to test the template.

Then you can follow ACF Pro guide above and integrate the custom field there.


Yeah, I think something might be off with the child theme.

I installed it everything and it’s active.

So let’s recap what I’ve done.

Installed the child-theme through Wordpress, and activated it. Looks like Cornerstone doesn’t work with the child theme, dunno if that’s a known thing or part of the issue.

Went through and added via FTP the missing folders that didn’t appear after the install through WP.

The file path was x-child/framework/views/integrity/ (within the integrity folder I put content-portfolio.php.)

Hello There,

You have done it correctly. I am just curious why Cornerstone did not work. Would you mind providing us the url of your site with login credentials so we can take a closer look? This is to ensure that we can provide you with a tailored answer to your situation. Once you have provided us with your URL, we will be happy to assist you with everything.

To do this, you can create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

Thank you.

Added a secure note above.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! I have logged in and I found a JS error on the page. This is the reason why Cornerstone is not working. You have inserted a JS script file inside the Theme Option’s Custom JS section which is invalid. I already corrected it by inserting this instead:

</script><script src=''>

You will need to do this because the custom js output is already wrap with <script> tag. Having to insert that way would utilize the opening and closing <script> tag which would prevent any JS error.

Please check your site now.

Looks like that issue is fixed. Wasn’t displaying because of the GDPR plugin and the cookie notice. Accepting it made everything appear again the child theme. This doesn’t really address my original post though. Looks like everything was done correctly and I still can’t get those custom fields to appear in the portfolio section.

Hello There,

I have checked your child theme and there is no other file modifications in it. Did you remove the content-portfolio.php file? Please put it back so that we can check your code and figure out why the fields does not display anything.

Please let us know how it goes.

I uploaded the file via FTP via this path: x-child/framework/views/integrity/

I had to create those folders since they didn’t appear after installing the child theme. It should still be in there. Is there a particular place you’re looking where it should show up?

Hi Robert,

As we do not have access to your FTP account I checked the Appearance > Editor menu and it is indeed nowhere found and it seems that you are uploading the file in a wrong place.

Please contact your hosting service provider and ask them to give you the correct place to add the file, and yes you need to create the folder structure and you will not find that structure in the Child Theme originally.

If needed get back to us with the FTP information using a Secure Note so that we also check and try to help in this case.

Thank you.

Looks like I was able to fix it. They are now able to display. This required me to switch some things on our Dreamhost account. Essentially it looks like the folders were stored in a different location that was tied to a user. I went ahead and switched those to the primary user and it appears to have resolved the issue.

A few things I want to point out.

The ACF Pro plugin wasn’t displaying shortcodes so I had to use a different version of the same plugin (the regular one), then I was able to use shortcodes.

It also doesn’t appear that the GDPR plugin is compatible with Cornerstone. It doesn’t display any of the sections or content when that plugin is active through Cornerstone. I’d recommend installing it and seeing if there’s some sort of workaround and fix that can be done for that. The plugin is:

Hey @Xyxzor,

I installed the plugin in my test site and Cornerstone works. It looks like there is something wrong on your end. Regretfully, we do not have support for third party plugin conflicts. You will need to seek help from a third party developer for this.

Thank you for understanding.

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