Adding a Link to Feature Box


So, I know this link lists what to put in CSS so that I can add links to icons in feature boxes, but I need clarification.

First, when I copy and paste this into the “Edit CSS/Additional CSS” in Wordpress, I get 16 errors that the site says must be fixed before I can save. Or I can save and destroy my site. So, why does it say that?

Second, I need to attach separate links to separate icons in multiple feature boxes. Do I copy and paste this link multiple times? How does this code “connect” to the right feature list? Not quite getting how it works.

Please help! I am a total novice with code.

Thanks much!

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in.

You should add it to your javascript section, it’s not a CSS.

You can’t have multiple links with that code, you may need to enhance it. And that is for featured box only, it will not work on feature list.


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