Add text and image together

I am trying to add an image and then place text almost inside of the image in Pro, but everything that I try doesn’t work. Attached is what I’m trying to accomplish. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @johnsonmm,

Thanks for posting in! The best possible way I can think of is to use the image as a background image of the column. I can then set up a maximum width of the Text element so that it will not overlap the person on the image. If you are not familiar on working with background images, kindly check out our video tutorials here:

Hope this helps.

Thank you. How do you setup the maximum width of the text so it won’t overlap? Can I send you login info and have you do it?

It’s on this page:

Hello @johnsonmm,

In order to set the max width of the text, please go to the Text element —>Max-Width.

Hope it helps