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Hi, how do I add a copyright to a customer footer in Pro Theme? I ask because my attempts to add code found elsewhere (WP Beginner) doesn’t seem to be working and the task should be easier than it is. Thanks!

Hello Lucija,

Thanks for writing in!

To add a copyright, simply insert a bar in your custom footer with a text element and then place a copyright text. You mentioned to add a code from WP Beginner that doesn’t work. Would you might sharing that code so that we can test it out?

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Hey RueNel. Thanks so much for the speedy reply. I’m not sure why the code didn’t work as I added a new row, added a text block, and then inserted the following lines of code (I tried both). I didn’t insert them into “functions.php”.

© 2009 – <?php echo date('Y'); ?>

<?php echo comicpress_copyright(); ?>

My source:

Hi Lucija,

You can not add PHP code into the Text Element of the Footer Builder. So to overcome that you need to create a shortcode and add your PHP code there and then use the shortcode inside the Text element of the Footer Builder. Please add the code below to functions.php file of your Child Theme. If you do not have a Child Theme please install one using the information here.

function copyright_func( $atts ){ ?>
© 2009 – <?php echo date('Y'); ?>
<?php echo comicpress_copyright(); ?>

<?php }
add_shortcode( 'copyright', 'copyright_func' );

After that please add the shortcode [copyright] into the Text Element.

That will do it. Thank you.

Thank you, Christopher.

Here are the steps as I understand them:

  1. Open up functions.php and add code (I have to use Fetch and then Brackets)
  2. Make a short code. Being more of a designer than developer I’m not sure where to even do that and looked.
  3. Edit the footer to add a new bar/section
  4. add a “text” block with the short code.

My Interaction Designer brain tells me there are too many steps for something that should be a simple addition to a Pro Theme setting.

I regret not staying with X. (Not your fault, you’re trying to help me).

You’re welcome!
Thanks for letting us know that it has worked for you.

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