Add content so accordion element

Hey there,
I got some sections on my mobile website, that I like to add the accordion functionality to.

What would be the best way to work on this. should I take an accordion element and fill it with the content from the section I already build? or is it possible to make the current section a accordion element.

Just for your understanding: The sections as they are build right now should represent the “closed” state of an accordion element.

Thanks for your help!


You can use the Accordion Element in the Cornerstone for the mobile by using the hide during the breakpoint feature.

Now the problem is that inside each accordion element you can only add text. To be able to add additional elements there you can add extra elements as a Global Block. After you add the proper elements as a Global Block it will give you a shortcode which you can paste the shortcode into the text section of the Accordion element and you will achieve the feature you want.

Thank you.

wow thank you thats soooooo cool :grin:

can you help me to make the accordion element look like the original section? So no: margin, box-shadow, line, and arrow?
thanks for your help!


What page are you working on so we could give specific advice? For now, I could only assume based on your screenshot. Here are the things you could do:

  1. Set all the Section’s padding to 0
  2. Set the Row’s Inner Container option to Off.
  3. Go to Accordion > Items and set the Shadow to transparent.
  4. Go to Accordion > Header to turn off the Indicator
  5. Go to Accordion > Content and set the Content Border Width to 0.

To see what I mean, you can view this recording. and also this one.



Looks like you did not follow my suggestions. Please see the Secure Note for the screen recording of the steps for your actual content. Just note that the setup is a bit fast. Slow the video down or pause and play to follow along.


thank you!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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