Add Blog Grid Style Feed to Regular Page

I would like to have a full blog style feed for one category on another page that has content. This is the page:

Where it says “LATEST EPISODES”, below that I would like the feed to show only the Podcast category, but be a full feed and not recent posts (this is the only thing post related I could find). The feed would look just like the blog feed on this page, but use the Podcast category only:

It’s crazy to me that I’m not seeing just a blog feed element that I can place into a page. Am I missing something? Or can you please give me the instructions on how to make this happen?

Thank you!

Hi Heahter,

Thanks for writing in! You can use The Grid plugin to display your Category feeds using it’s shortcode.

You can check The Grid documentation from the following link ( Also there’s another plugin called Essential Grid which you can read more information from here (

Let me walk-through some of the important steps on The Grid plugin, to get the category feed. Once you create a new grid according to instructions on our knowledge base section, under the Source tab, you can select source type as post type.

Then select posts for the Post Types

Then you can select your category podcasts for category filter.

These basic settings will get you all the posts assigned to your Podcast category. Then you can set other settings according to our knowledge base article and place The Grid shortcode into your page. You can use the Classic Raw Content element in Cornerstone to add your shortcode.

Hope that helps.

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