Active link Graphic option explanation / documentation


I have had a look through the documentation and i cant find any explanation on how to use the active link graphic option. I can get the primary partial to show when it is the current active page but i cant work out how to get a graphic to show next to the menu item when its current (active). a bit of documentation / guidance on these options would be much appreciated. The second image is a graphic of what i am trying to achieve.

many thanks


Hello @The_Capture_Factory,

Thanks for writing in!

After enabling the Graphic in the Active Links option, you also need to enable the Graphic option in your Menu > Top Links set up.

And then in Menu > Top Links > Graphic option, you can set up a transparent color for the Base and a colored one for the Interaction so that the Icon is only visible when you hover over the menu item or that when the menu item is active.

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know how it goes.

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