Hello Staff,

Since yesterday i also have problems with my license in wordpress.
First when i filled in my license code it was correct. One hour later it says its not valid anymore.
When i now fill in my code it wont work or says something.

It’s for my website.
Hope you can help me out.


Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!
I can see your license are open for transfer in your apex dashboard.
Please make it lucked and follow the validation process again.
Just got to Apex Dashboard -> License click on the key icons next to the license key. After that follow the product validation process again.

Hope this helps!


Ive locked the license code.
Perhaps nothing will happen when i filled in.

Hi There,

Please send us your login details in a secure note so that we can have a look.


Sorry how can i send something in a secure note ?

The problem was the last plugin i activated wd google maps.
I dont know why that is the problem i realy want to use that plugin.

Hi There,

I can see your site has been validated! but can’t see the plugin installed.
Can you please install it again so that we can have a look what could be the cause of issue.


For now it seems to be OK
I will check it again with an Hour

Lets us know the update!


Today i want to update my website.
Ive the same problem as 3 days ago.

What can go wrong ?

Hi there,

Can’t find what’s causing this on your end, it can be revoked through overview page only, or if the data related to the validation gets deleted in the database. Perhaps you restored the database?

I like to check and try this too, would you mind providing the purchase key in a secure note? Mine works okay so I’d like to test it with your key.


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