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WP Bakery
We can’t activate the licenses on the domain with the key we have received.
Only we can purchase the license again, but we’ve already have one and also the key.
How can we managed this in a good way?
See attachment.

Carla van den Ouweland

Hello Carla,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

You can’t use X Theme licence to Validate Visual Composer, it won’t work and you will have to buy a separate licence from plugin author. More importantly there is no need to activate Visual Composer as it’s a bundled plugin that comes with X Theme. We will provide all the updates for Visual Composer upon testing there compatibility with our products once updates are released by the plugin author, wpbakery.

Please take a look at our product validation guide for more information.


Hi Prasant,

Thanks for your answer. That’s not the problem. We have buyed a seperate licence from the plugin author. But we can’t activate the licesens from WP Bakery on the domainname.


Hi Carla,

Since you have a separate license It would be better to contact the plugin support.
They will be able to diagnose this problem better since they are the ones who developed this plugin and they are the one who provided that license.


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