Activate Envira Pro Plugin Addon

I wanted to activate the Envira Pro so I can make use of the Gallery Themes Add-ons:

There seems to be some kind of trick or editing that needs to be done.

I need to know the latest up-to-date instructions on how to activate the pro to use the Envira Gallery Themes Add-ons.

Hi @akuhl47,

The Envira plugin is a bundled plugin. To access their Add-ons, you need to purchase a separated license.


Thank you, yes I purchased the separate license from Envira Gallery (that wasn’t my issue).

However, I was able to resolve it, as Envira reached out and it actually had to do with a setting in the configuration tab.

The “Number of Gallery Columns” was set to automatic and I needed to specify the columns in order to get the dropdown for the Envira templates.

This was Envira’s response in case anyone ever gets stuck on this topic:

It looks like the ‘Automatic’ layout is currently selected, which is why you’re not seeing the Gallery Themes dropdown under the Configuration tab.

In order to access the different Gallery Themes, a specific column count must be set for each gallery. After doing so, the Gallery Themes dropdown will appear for you.

Glad to hear that. Thanks a lot for sharing the solution with community members.


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