ACF shortcode not working

I have followed instructions on your ACF resource page:

However, fields being displayed via the Child theme do not have the margins of the main text.

So I decided to use your shortcode instead: {{acf:field_name}}.

But as you can see from this sample post (you have to login with credentials provided because the site is protected by Under Construction), the shortcodes show up as plain text:

Hey There,

Please note that shortcode will work on the content builder only NOT visual/text editor.

For example:


Your login creds are publicly visible.

Hi @JvP,

Thanks for letting us know.

@ubercool, please update your credentials upon reading this because you did not add your credentials in a secure note.

Yes, the best way to achieve the ACF is using the PHP in the child theme. In regards to your margin text, you could adjust it via CSS.

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


Hey Michael,

As @thai mentioned previously this format {{acf:field_name}} will work inside Cornerstone only.

You should use ACF Pro’s shortcode format in WordPress’ default text editor.

Hope that helps.

Unfortunately, those ACF shortcodes don’t work either. Those two first ones you list are in this post and they show as blank spaces:

You really should try to make ACF data work more seamlessly.

Hi @ubercool

I believe this is how you should use these shortcodes:

[acf field="price"]
[acf field="review_1"] 

According to the guide mentioned before, that’s the supported format in regular WordPress editor. I’ve already modified that for you and I can see it’s working.


Finally! Thanks so much. Allow me to help others who will be struggling with this:

ACF says use this shortcode format:
[acf field="{$field_name}"]

But you really should use this format (deleting curly brackets and $ sign):
[acf field=“field_name”]

Glad you were able to resolve it :slight_smile:

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