ACF Pro / X Pro Cornerstone Integration Broken?

Edit: figured out that a global value from the options page can’t be pulled in with that shortcode as is. So, my primary question has changed to the following: Is there a way with the shortcode to load in an ACF value from an options page? This would be for a global value that needs to get reused throughout the site.

Thanks again!

For reference:

The above document calls out the ability to add ACF data directly into cornerstone via a shortcode, with the following specific example given:

I’ve created a field for the page labeled field_name, and have tried adding {{acf:field_name}} in a text element, raw content etc with no luck. The page source is showing nothing once published. What am I missing or does X Pro no longer support this functionality?

I just need to add an element for pricing (which will change daily) that will be show through the site, in various locations within the pages and a shortcode would really be the best way to do this, or is there a better method that allows for ease of use by the client to update that figure daily on multiple pages (in different locations on each page) with only needing to update one value for the whole site?


Wanted to clarify my question as it was a bit confusing. I’m essentially looking to do the follow with the ACF cornerstone shortcode:
{{acf:field_name, options}}

Editing a page though the standard WordPress editor allows for the following which I’m trying to mimic in cornerstone:
[acf field=“field_name” post_id=“option”]

Is that possible with the double-curly braces that cornerstone supports?


The post_id attribute is not supported in curly braces, you can directly add your acf shortcode in a text element in cornerstone.