ACF Pro WYSIWYG / paragraphs not working

i am using the “ACF Pro WYSIWYG”-Field in some Templates and using:
{{dc:acf:post_field field="field-name"}} to display them, but the paragraphs are not working…how can i solve this?


Hello Christian,

Thanks for writing in! Your issue could be caused by a 3rd party plugin. Can you please temporarily deactivate the " Use Any Font" plugin and test your single page again.

You may also want to do the following:

Kindly let us know how it goes.

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Hi Ruenel,
thanks for watching…i did all. With no result. It effects only the translations – done as empty pages with loaded template in PRO.


ps. I did it the same with the (Start-) Homepage and it works well…

Hey @cyrock,

This could be because you translated ACF fields directly using WPML. Please disable the said WPML translation because translating in Pro should be used and it’s the WPML ACF translation that possibly removes the HTML from the WYSIWYG Editor.

The Dynamic Content should not contain the translated ACF field. Instead, it should just be the same ACF field for all languages.



When you translate using the Language Flags in Pro, Pro creates a separate page using the Manual translation of WPML. Once you have saved the Pro translated page, you need to edit the page and do the translation of the ACF field in the page.



Hey Christian, thanks for your detailed answer. I wil try it this way and give yo feedback then :slight_smile:

--> Sorry…No, this won´t work. Without a translation in ACF, theres not way to set any “Location Rule” in ACF.
All translated pages shows the Language set in the first page…and cannot be edit.

Update :Without Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual its working fine…now :slight_smile:
But its neccessary to use unique fieldnames for every Language.


Hi @cyrock,

The field names should be unique for every language.


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