A Blog post is SUPER SLOW to load when I try to edit

Thank you Christian, I will try to do that “local server” test (sorry no idea on how to do it)… If my hosting provider is one, how can I check on a “local server”? (I wanted to ask you to try on your server and even copied the html in a note but this was probably nonsense as all the images are in my database and were not showing up.

Thanks again for your help

Hey Clelia,

For a local server, try using Local by Flywheel. It’s the easiest I’ve tested. Once you get that up and running, you will need to create a new WP site in your local machine and then import your live site there using a site copy/migration plugin like Duplicator.

Another quick way is to use http://poopy.life/. In there, you can install X and Visual Composer only and test your content. To download Visual Composer in there, you need to assign the temporary site domain to your Staging Environment in your license page. See this article for more details.

We could try the content in our test server just to see the performance. The images will connect to your live site so they’ll load unless you have hot link protection in your server. If the content is also slow on our end, we’ll post this in our issue tracker.


Thanks Christian! You’re super helpful.

I will add a private note in here.

It struggled a bit on my end too. It finished loading at around 1 minute (see Secure Note). Another factor to take into account here is your computer hardware’s specs. It would be faster to load if you have a high performance hardware.

The amount of content is not good for front-end also unless you have something like lazy loading of elements.

I’ll post your content to our issue tracker. Maybe the VC developers might provide a performance update in the future.

For now, I’d recommend you split your content into several posts.


Thans Christian, the things is… my computer hardware might not be the faster ever but with other long blog posts is ok (with no VC). So that shouldn’t be the main issue. I think that VC, using it with a lot of nesting and shortcodes adds a lote of extra code and on long posts like this, the issue is super evident? I find that on shorter posts (not more than 3-4k words) VC performs normally, after that it exponentially starts to slow down until it gets completely stuck.

Thanks for submitting this issue to the developers. I am aware that using VC and other page builders for super long content is not ideal because it adds the extra code but getting a post completely stuck is a bit too much.

I will split the post in 2 (I was already working on it today), the situation gets slightly better at least and for future long posts like this I’ll have to find another solution because also using another page builder like Cornerstone will add code too and we are at square one again… Too bad as I need a certain type of post (quite long) and layout to convert my affiliate links.

Thanks again for your help

You’re most welcome Clelia.

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