6 day response on support for flciker on safari

Good afternoon, we have paid for support on our account and had emailed someone about the fact that we purchased support on the wrong account which did not have the actual licenses linked to it. When we got a response we were told posting in the forum will have the same effect and we hear back right away.
Last week after posting in the forum we received a response the next day and when we responded back with more information it has now been 6 days since we have got a response and our website is still not working as it is supposed to.

I am reposting here to get support as after paying for support still having to wait a week to get help is unacceptable.

Good evening, on only safari our slide in animations on diferent elements have a flicker when they get set in there final position that is quite frustrating. This problem is only occuring on safari and does not appear on chrome, firefox, or other browsers we have tried. It does also effect mobile devices. I have attached a screen recording to hopefully explain it better. I am on a macbook air with an m2 chip on the most up to date software version (Sonoma 14.4.1 (23E224)), the safari version is Version 17.4.1 (19618. In the video you can see I open first in chrome the elements slide together, on safari it slides over but when it reaches its target destination it flickers like it is resetting.

Video Link for support in secure note.

See my response on your other thread. I’d like to recreate this and try to get a fix for you. Have a great day.