404 page not found - Cornerstone

Hi there,

Already sorry for my English, I’m French …

I Have a big problem with my website created with the X theme : I just putted my website online but the content is not founded :frowning: Everything I did with cornerstone is not present (I juste have what I did with the personnalisation part).

Please help me !!

Thanks !!

Hi there,

Thanks for posting in.

Would you mind providing your site’s URL and admin login credentials in a secure note? And please provide the screenshots of the issues you’re getting. I can’t provide any recommendation yet unless I could check the issue :slight_smile:


I’ve posted the informations in the secure note.

And this is the screenshot of the issues :

Hey There,

It seems like you didn’t set the front page & blog page.

I’ve already corrected it.

Everything should be fine now



Thank you for the reply and for you help.

However, the content I created with cornerstone is not present (which represents 80% of the website), even the menu :frowning:

Do you know why ?

Thank you !!

And to provide more informations, I created my website from the GYM expanded demo. The whole content was modified with cornerstone. Do you think I have to reload the theme and I my content will go back ?


To fix cornerstone not loading, you need to select post name under settings > permalinks

I went ahead and set it to post name.

Kindly check in your end.


Thanks for the reply and your help. However my content is still missing :frowning: (maybe I’m doing something wrong …)

I tried to reload the Gym demo but it failed during the loading.

Thank you


Try to clean demo cache first by going to the url below.


Then try to load the demo again.

For more information kindly refer to the link below

Hope that helps

Thanks for your help.

I’ll follow your indications and let you know if it worked :slight_smile:

Hi there @Lamour,

I’ve checked your site and I don’t believe re-loading the Gym demo will make a difference. As you’ve said over 80% of the content is missing, it appears the content doesn’t exist in the database itself.

I see multiple pages, but most are plain text and one has a price table. Did you build the website on a staging area and then push it through to live using a “merge” or “find and replace” plugin?



Thanks for your help !

The content was created from cornerstone directly (excep the header and the footer wich is present …). I used the gym demo and replace the content with mine in cornerstone directly (and some templates) . Everything I putted was just pictures, texts and, yes, a price table. I also created a menu with a one-page navigation. For this menu, the name of the menu is present but not the content …

Thank you !

I tried to reload the gym demo but I have an error message : “Sorry, the demo failed to finish importing” …

Maybe the problem come from here …


Can you try adding the code below in your wp-config.php file located at the root directory of your site.

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );
define( 'WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M' );

You may add it before this line

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

If that doesn’t help, kindly provide us your wordpress & ftp login in Secure Note.


Hi there,

I added the code in my wp-config.php but it still doesn’t word :sob: … Furthermore, it still impossible de reload a theme …

I put in the secure note all the informations you need to connect to the ftp.

Thank you for your help …

Hi there, please help me to, at least, fix the problem of the demo reload.

Thank you

Hi There,

Your installation was corrupted. I had to reset everything and updated your X theme & Cornerstone plugin as well to resolve this. So you may have lost your existing pages.

I have generated Gym demo content and your site should function properly now (https://snag.gy/Oz0e7B.jpg).