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I have started this thread, but it got closed because I didn’t reply in time.

The 404 page is looping. I have set up a 404 layout on a test site, and it loops there as well.

I have turned off all plugins, deactivated the child theme, deactivated caching (no CDN), removed all global CSS, have the latest theme etc. Nothing helps.

It appears that the more posts are published, the more time the 404 page is looped over.

The login to the website from the other thread is still active, and I will give you the login for the test website as well.


Hello Misho,

Thanks for writing in! The issue could be caused by your custom permalink where adding abc in the URL could caused a conflict. When I check out other 404 pages, it displays properly.

  • check out the URLs in the secure note below.

Please temporarily change the permalink settings and test the page again.

Best Regards.


I added abc to the end of the url to simulate a non-existing page. It is not part of the permalink structure. I could ad anything else, such as asddflkjhsdt. The point is to trigger the 404 page, which such action does.

The actual permalink structure is this: /blog/%postname%/

That is a normal custom permalink where /blog/ needs to stay in front of the posts. The main post page is /blog/.

If the layout assigned to 404 page is unable to handle custom permalinks and it throws looped content, then by all means this is a bug in the theme that should be solved.

Moreover, when I have a non-existing URL that contains /blog/ in it, for example example.com/blog/asdfasdf, the layout assigned to 404 does not display properly:

It has elements of the default 404 page such as the Oops! text, which additionally shows that something is wrong with 404 layout assignment.

Please raise this as a bug, because it clearly is one.

PS, another issue has been uncovered with custom permalink structure: if a custom post type is selected, active state of a navigation element will highlight /blog/ as well.

Hello @Misho,

I have replicated the issue in my local testing server.

The page displays as if the blog index with the Error 404 message in each item. Yes, definitely I will add this as a bug so that @Kory or @Alexander can dig deeper on what is causing this issue.

Please bear with us. Thanks.

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