2 mobile menus in Pro?

I haven’t used X Pro yet, want to see if this is possible without custom development.

My client wants a menu across the top of the page, then a slider, then another menu below that, and content and footer below that…

< Menu1 >
< Slider >
< Menu2 >
< Content>
< Footer >

Is that pretty straightforward to setup in X Pro as far as the menus are concerned? And then when viewed as a mobile site, will I get 2 hamburger menus, 1 at each menu location?

Hi @CenturyMarketing,

It is possible with the Pro Header Builder. You will need to Add three bars in the Header Builder:

  • First Bar: Add t[he Navigation Inline element for the desktop and Navigation Collapse for the mobile view. You can use the Hide During Breakpoint](https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/hide-during-breakpoint-explained/17378) feature to show one only on desktop and the other one for the mobile.
  • Second Bar: You can use the Revolution Slider to create a slider and then add the shortcode of the slider into the Raw Content element.
  • Third Bar: Like the first bar you can use another instance of the Navigation Inline and Navigation Collapse elements to create the desktop and mobile version of the second menu. Alternatively, you can use the Navigation Modal or Navigation DropDown element for the mobile version. You can set the menu for these elements, and as you have two menus, you should go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus to add those two menus to use them later in the elements that I mentioned.
  • Content: You can use the normal Content Builder for this section which is the replacement for Cornerstone in the Pro theme and it will be familiar for you as it is exactly like the Cornerstone.
  • Footer: You can use the Footer Builder and the elements that you like to add the footer content.

You can read more about the Header/Footer builder here. You can also check our documentatin index and finally, I encourage you to check our YouTube channel.

Thank you.

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