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    Jennifer S

    Hi there! I’ve been looking around and I’m not sure if I missed it or if it’s still a wish-list item.

    Let’s say I create a Cornerstone page template, and then implement that template on, say 15 pages on a website. Then my client, out of the blue, says there’s something about the page styling they no longer like. Last I checked, I’d have to go back into all 15 pages to make the same correction over and over again to adjust that design element.

    Is that still the case with the latest release of CS? Or is there an interface where I can open a CS Page or Block template, make the change, and save it so that all 15 of my pages are universally updated all at once?

    If CS cannot provide for universal changes via templates, is this something you have planned? Thank you! – everything is current.

    PS – I know my account only shows I have 8 licenses of X, but I actually have about a dozen other licenses that I opened via separate Envato accounts so that my clients could own the accounts instead of me. So, needless to say, I’m an avid X advocate and would love to see this kind of universal modification become a reality in the not so distant future (if it’s not available already). Thanks again! 🙂



    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in!

    Currently it’s not possible to make changes at once via one CS template. But you can modify one page’s template and then import it to all pages as ‘block’.

    Hope it helps.


    Jennifer S

    Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately, it still means going into 15 changes to replace the block in question, and also updating the content within that block to reflect the content required for that page.

    Is my request for universal updates on your roadmap? If not, where can I go to request it? This is REALLY important. I went through this on a site I launched recently, and I had to replace blocks on a dozen pages more than 3 times to accommodate client requests. As a freelancer, it pains me to have to charge my clients for that time, but I cannot afford not to.

    Please let me know – thanks!



    Hi there,

    We certainly appreciate the feedback! This is something we can add to our list of feature requests. This way it can be taken into consideration for future development. All of these items are discussed with our team internally and prioritized based on the amount of interest a particular feature might receive. Thanks!


    Manny Costales

    +1 to this feature 😉


    Prasant Rai

    Thanks for your up-vote @mcostales84, surely added on hour list 🙂


    Jennifer S

    Yes, thank you mcostales84! This feature would be fantastic!



    Thanks for your input guys.




    Another +1 for this one…it’s really cumbersome to have to update the same content on multiple pages. I’ve been used to include files for years.

    I love X for many reasons and use it daily, but that’s my one big issue with it.



    Hi There,

    I am going to forward this also to our developer so they could follow up on this and also it will be added to the voted for this feature.

    Thank you so much.



    The lack of being able to push a global change through via Cornerstone is holding me back from using it in places where I know it would be more attractive. I already know I’ll be revisiting my 30 portfolio items one by one, over and over.

    WP lets me globally update images, tags, categories, labels… Something as simple as changing the order of template blocks in Cornerstone is a nightmare. (Dreamweaver, bless its heart, with its clunky non-editables would let me do this via global templates.)

    So please, yes, this!



    Thanks for the feedback, noted it.