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    Yahia A

    I love the way the video slider for integrity 1 demo looks and feels. I’m trying to replicate it exactly how it looks on your demo site, but the text and the three images that are centered are not there. Do you have an exported file for all your revolution sliders that I can simply import into my website and simply change the text and the video?




    Hey Yahia,

    We currently don’t provide the slider exports because they utilize mostly graphics we’ve created, along with some licensed imagery that cannot be distributed. Additionally, simply changing out text and images isn’t as easy as it sounds due to the fact that everyone’s content is a little different so you’ll need to still adjust things by hand. What I can do is walk you through how we achieve this and give you some pointers.

    Firstly, the Slider Layout we’re using is Full Screen (you select this option on the Edit Slider page in the Main Slider Settings box). Another trick we’ve found is when inputing your Grid Settings, sometimes making the width a little wider than the actual width of your site is preferable. As the slider shrinks down, everything doesn’t always move as you would expect it to. Making this width a little wider and playing around with the positioning of elements usually ensures that everything stays the way it should.

    On the actual slide editor itself, always make sure that you position your elements manually, do not use the Align & Position setting. While this allows you to align things quickly and easily, it does not maintain its layout properly as you size your site down.

    Next, in the Layers Timing & Sorting box, we have six layers that by depth are listed out like so (with their timing listed out in milliseconds to the side):

    • Text – This Cool Video Header (1000)
    • Text – Is Optional And Customizable (1000)
    • Text – And Fully Responsive (2500)
    • Image – Renew (4000)
    • Image – Integrity (4000)
    • Image – Icon (4000)

    Next, here are the animations for each respective to the listing above:

    • Start Animation – Long from Left, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 2000
    • Start Animation – Long from Right, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 2000
    • Start Animation – Fade, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 2000
    • Start Animation – Long from Bottom, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 3000
    • Start Animation – Long from Bottom, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 3000
    • Start Animation – Long from Bottom, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 3000

    Hopefully this gets you started on the right path. Let us know if you need anything else! 🙂


    Yahia A

    Thank you. It did help out alot, however I’m still having trouble.

    The “enable scroll bottom ancor” is cut off at the bottom of my screen, so half of it is only showing. How can I fix that? My testing site is: for development purposes. The other issue I’m running into is creating the styles for the text in the revolution slider. For some reason when I try to apply css styles, it doesn’t really apply to the slider on the site. I’ve saved many times and it looks fine in the editor but it doesn’t seem to change at all on the front end. Am I supposed to apply the same styles in style.css?




    The Scroll Bottom Anchor being cut off is likely due to the fact that you are logged into your site, and the WordPress Adminbar is visible. This will push down your page content slightly, creating the appearance that you anchor is cut off. If you logout, or view your site in a different browser, you should not see this happening. If it still is, it is likely due to the dimensions you have set on you slider (if you are not using a fullscreen slider), and you will need to adjust them.

    Regarding the styling, are you using the Edit Style button or the Edit Global Style button? We have never personally used the Edit Style button as we add all of our styles using the global stylesheet, which has never given us an issue. This might be something to consult the Revolution Slider documentation on, as it is definitely something pertaining to the plugin itself and not the theme.

    Should you need any assistance on how to add styles via the global editor, which is our method of using the slider, we will be happy to walk you through this.



    Yahia A

    Brilliant. Thank you so much!!!



    No problem, Yahia! 🙂


    OScar R

    How you assign it to the Home Page ?



    Hey Oscar,

    Check out the Sliders video on this page. If you haven’t done so, make sure to take a look through the documentation and the video tutorials as we find that they tend to answer most questions that people have.

    After going through these materials if you find that you still have questions, don’t hesitate to let us know by opening up a new thread. This helps us to keep track of questions better.



    I need some help, I created a free 14 day trial to host my test video for the integrity 1 demo full screen video. Not sure What I am doing wrong as I watched the slider video and did exactly what the instructions said to do… and I keep getting a message that no slider was set up. Here is the url to the self hosted video but it is not making the page work properly… so I am not sure what to do… can you help me here is the live area to design in URL is


    Nabeel A

    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in! You can try Optional Background Video option in page editor, To use this you’ll need to input the URL to your .mp4 video file to display an optional background video. You can also use .webm or .ogv video files too but it is recommended that you use .mp4 video file.

    Hope this helps!



    Hi one question, can links be added to the text using this method?



    Hi There,

    Add your text layer and configure the Actions tab like this:


    Hope it helps, Cheers!



    How can I create the “scroll bottom ancor”?




    Hi there,

    Thanks for updating. You can enable the Scroll Bottom Anchor from your page editor. On your page editor scroll down and you will find it under “Slider Settings”. Let’s enable it –

    Hope this helps.




    thank you for the helpful information to replicate the integrity 1 revolution slider demo. I’m very close to replicating; one thing i was not able to figure out is how to put a box-shadow on the boxes? Can you tell me what CSS to add and where to add it?

    Thanks so much!