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    I’ve scanned nearly every thread on this forum discussing Cornerstone failing to load. However, I have multiple websites hosted on my web server with this exact same issue.

    After creating a new page, the ‘Edit with Cornerstone’ option does not appear. I add ‘?cornerstone=1’ to the end of my page’s URL, and nothing happens- all I see is the page. I click on ‘Edit Page,’ click on the ‘Edit with Cornerstone’ option, and the same thing happens.

    The strange thing is, Cornerstone works perfectly on my homepage with no issues at all. Is there a special way to create a new page that is Cornerstone enabled? After my researching, it doesn’t appear so… I’ve increased memory in my WordPress config file, I’ve disabled all plugins, I’ve created new pages- nothing. I’m currently running the latest version of the X-Theme, WordPress, Cornerstone, and NGINX.

    I would love for this to be fixed, it’s been a few hours of me attempting to solve this issue on my own. Hopefully someone from the Theme Co theme can solve this.



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    Wow. Finally solved 5 hours later!

    For people in similar situations, my solution was in my website’s NGINX config file. I had incorrect code I suppose, and it messed up the permalinks.

    I replaced everything involving PHP with the following,

            location / {
                    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
            location ~ \.php$ {
                    include fastcgi_params;
                    fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock;

    I hope that helps anyone else out there evade my 5 hour adventure across these forums.

    Have a good night


    Paul R


    Thanks you for sharing the code and glad you were able to figure it out.

    Have a great day! 🙂