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    Great job and thanks for coming back to share this! This is a great example to see how different and varied each implementation of X can be…Kudos!


    Adrianne P

    @kyle: I thought I put a link! But it seems it didn’t work. Thank you!



    Hi there,
    Great design but i have to learn a lot of this
    My design with the X theme on


    Casey P

    Jason – what filter or overlay are you using to achieve the dot matrix look on the rotating images?


    Aaron T
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    Jason G

    @casey P

    It’s an overlay option built into the Rev Slider. In Rev Slider it’s under the Appearance options.


    Jason G

    @Matthew B

    How did you set up your homepage with no menu and the popup contact?



    Hey Christopher,

    looking great! It always amazed us what people do with X and we are looking forward seeing more. I like the red color you’re using a lot and the smart use of the content bands.


    Thank you very much! The start with X was a bit hard for me as a Non-Webdesigner, but after realizing the possibilities of X , it wasn’t that hard anymore!

    I’m really looking forward to upcoming updates and features! Would love to see more features for the portfolio section!


    Jason G


    Nice work on this site and thanks for the information. What’s the Twitter plugin your using on and in your experience is it reliable?



    Thank you!

    The Plugin is called “Twiget Twitter Widget” and it’s very easy to use and in my experience very reliable. It’s quite simple and nice!


    Jason G


    Thanks, I’ll give the widget a try. I’ve used a few but never really been too satisfied with reliability.


    Brian B


    That’s a banging homepage you got there! I see you design logos, I’m actually in the market for a designer to create a unique brand for my website. Are you interested?


    Sarah B

    @Christpher, hallo!
    Very nice website – hast du toll gemacht 🙂

    one question: how did you get the social icons in your footer to look so big, round and cool? Looks great, I want that too! Mine look so tiny with the default settings…
    Danke und alles Gute,

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This content is old and no longer supported. We invite you to check out our new community and forums, Apex.

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