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    Just pushed my site redesign live, using Ethos. Probably still a few minor tweaks here and there, but it’s largely done. Very happy with the X theme — it’s far better than any other I’ve used, full of features and customisability without being bloated and dog-slow like many others. Happy customer here!




    My first client website using the X-Theme. To say the client is happy with the website is an understatement. Complete, but haven’t reviewed yet. Feedback appreciated!

    I was so impressed with the X-Theme I developed my personal business website using it. Still a bit of work to do here..



    I thought it might be time to add a few of my sites here:

    My own page for webdesign and SEO:
    Sadly, it is the most incomplete of my sites. I’m focused on a client.
    Stack: Integrity

    One of my favorite projects:
    Why do most tattoo websites look so bad? Artists of any medium should have beautiful sites. Hopefully you agree that this is one fo those.
    Stack: Integrity
    Features: Full Size Images, Media queries for specific images sizes, Superfly Menu

    A photographer building her client base:
    She had most of her site designed and knew what she wanted. I simply implemented her dream.
    Stack: Integrity
    Features: Woocommerce, Book and appointment
    A work in progress that borrows heavily from the Church demo. I changed tho menu and header for a transparent look and feel. We are waiting on a church council audit for the next phases.

    A nonprofit that support children in the Congo:
    A favorite customer. They work they do is amazing.
    Stack: Renew

    Check out their related page: for a specific event page. I will warn you: It was done last minute and is kind of rough. I leave it up because I will move it as a subdomain of the main site at some point.

    Questions? Suggestions? Reviews? I’m interested in it all.

    -Jeremy Carlton



    Recently went live with a new site for two authors called Blake & Beckner Writing Company. Used the Renew stack. Need to do a little tweaking as we get more content, but it’s live and getting traffic.



    Your sites all look great.

    See my site then:




    Thought I would post one of my websites created using X Theme. It would be great to have some feedback from professional designers out there. Using X allows me to easily create the look and feel of the product or service that my clients provide.

    It is a great idea to show as many examples as possible using X as it will inspire and help people to move forward with this fantastic product…



    HI there,

    Here are two sites I just revamped. Wildlife Safari Tours Waterproof backpacks for SUP.

    Thanks X for all of your support to make these sites fully functioning!!

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    Hi All,

    Just finished updating our companies new website inline with our new branding strategy.

    Our old site was which got featured on the Theme X showcase.

    Made extensive use of Revolution Slider & E&P Form Builder.

    This is Phase 1, Phase will see a full on builder being constructed similar to what Ford, Toyota & VW have.

    Theme X pulls through once again 🙂



    Artist website. Navigation works well on a smart phone.



    Hi Matt, great idea. We are a computer training company in Belfast, Ireland. Web site features our courses, blog and eCommerce using WooCommerce. All built in X theme

    Web site was built by BadWolf Productions in Belfast. I think they did a great job. I would love as many opinion as possible on the site

    Peter Meehan



    I want a social media plugin that I can use to share my posts on facebook, twitter, google plus etc. Can anyone recommend a plugin that works with xtheme. I have tried a few but they are not compatible

    Help appreciated



    reviews, criticism, comments please: Thanks in advance!


    Bill K

    @bigrockdesigns Why not just use the social sharing element in Cornerstone? (or shortcode)

    Or are you looking for something that automatically cross-posts for you? (The CS social sharing element provides the interface for your visitors to share).



    Seriously love this theme! use it for my WP hosting company 🙂

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