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    Matthew B

    Hi all,
    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to showcase websites that have been created with your beautiful theme? Perhaps we can make this a sticky and give everyone the chance to see what it’s possible to create!

    – Matt

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    This is a great idea, and I would love to see some other examples of sites people have built using X.

    Please make sure you only post links to sites using X, and if you have a support related question to open another thread. It would also be helpful to share what Stack you are using and if possible a quick summary of what was customized.

    Let’s see what y’all got 🙂


    Brian B

    I bet they’re some awesome site out there and I’m still learning how to work all the different short codes and the visual composer. I found this theme to have a big learning curve, which is not a bad thing because of all the knick knacks X provides.

    Maybe by creating more tutorials on how to implement certain shortcodes to give us more visualization. It could shorten the curve for some of us noobs lol…

    Keep up the good work,



    Jared N

    This is a great thread. Mine has a Feb 1 roll out date. I’ll be posting it tomorrow night when it goes live.




    We look forward to seeing everything! Let us know as soon as you can. 🙂


    Mike S

    Great idea! It’s really cool seeing what everyone has come up with.
    I just finished my portfolio website this weekend using integrity. Thanks to these forums and the support, building this site was a lot of fun!


    Juan Z

    mike where did you get that background? where can I get similar ones?


    Mike S

    Hi Juan,
    I bought it on
    They have a great selection and not that expensive either.



    Great submissions, everybody! Just thought I’d share this since questions about where to find resources have been asked. I came across a really great article the other day that I think you all might find particularly helpful:

    Keep ’em coming! 🙂


    anthony w


    Looking good, guys!

    I thought this one was an amazing example with the Integrity Stack (pulling off a dark styled site can be a real challenge):


    Jeffrey D

    Four North – the beginning of my own business – off to a quick start, and X has made is a pleasure to develop. 🙂


    Jennifer R

    I love this theme… using it on my site, , and one that I’m designing for an investor, .

    Honestly, it has been the answer to all of my WP woes, like having to go deep into the code editor to change a color…



    Jennifer R


    Jeffrey, everything is looking awesome! We just may be calling you sometime soon to go on one of your awesome adventures. It would seem you’re having way too much fun. 😉

    Josh, I’m loving the opening slider. What a great video background you found for that particular section. It really makes a statement when you first hit the site!

    Jennifer, you’ve got some truly great color/graphic combinations on both sites! Very creative and fun to look through. 😀

    Wonderful stuff all around, everyone!