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@christopher.amirian If your team would commit to posting an update to this thread (that has quite a bit of visibility now) once this issue has been resolved (and re-opening at that point), or would grant us visibility into your issue tracker so we can see progress / planned completion dates, I would have no problem letting this thread close. Since your team has been unwilling to do this however, I am planning on keeping this open until we have a resolution.

Just wondering if there’s any update here, trying to keep this from closing. Please let us know!

Hey There,

Thanks for updating the thread. No updates from our developers yet.
I will bumped the issue tracker to get anything from them.

Please bear with us. Thank you for your understanding.

Bumping again.

Noted! There is no need to bump this thread, this is already in our issue tracker. Thanks!

Just checking in, do you have any update here?

Hi there,

No there is no release of the theme yet. You can check the details here:


Also, you can always check the general news about the roadmap of the theme here:

As you may already know a new feature of the Template Manager was the main focus of the development team and the beta release will be available this week.

The full bug resolving and checking of the backlog including this case start after this release.

Thank you.

Hi, just wanted to check in here again. Any update from your team?

Hi There,

Nothing new, you can follow the reccomendations provided by Christopher to keep yourself up to date.

Thank you

Hi - just checking in again. Any progress here?

Hello There,

No update yet. We are still on a beta testing for the upcoming release.

Thanks for checking in.

Just checking in. Any progress?

Hi There,

No news unfortunately.

Thank you

Hi - just checking in. Any update?

Hey There,

We just have yet to release the update. Currently we have a release candidate.
The final release should be rolling out soon.

Thank you for your patience.

That’s great news, thank you!

You’re welcome.

Just wanted to check in again, do you have an ETA on this release?

It’s not part of the Pro 2.0, X 6.0, Cornerstone 3.0 cycle. We are planning on investigating it for the next major release.

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