X-Theme with Wedding Demo move all content to OnePage Home

I just installed X-Theme on my wordpress installation and imported Wedding Demo Content.
NowI wanted to know how I can setup this whole content and pages to a OnePage Navigation Setup.
This is why I want to know how to get the content from the different pages like “our story” or “wedding details”
on my home site implemented ?

Has anybody done this befor and could tell me how to do ? I already read “Features - How To Setup One Page Navigation” but this won’t help me in first step as I have to integrate whole content on one page before I can link the navigation to it.

Hope you can tell me how to do.



Hello Christian,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

An easy to implement option would be to save other pages as Template and then import the template in home page. After that you can follow the instructions mentioned in One page navigation to setup single page navigation.

Please take a look at following article to learn more about template manager.


Hello Prasant,

thank you for your Feedback. First of all. Sorry for this late answer. Can you tell me how to save all existing pages from demo site (which I already adjusted a bit) to a template ? When I select Template Manager I only can open new one or create one.

warm regards


Hi Christian,

You can only save your page content as template one at a time, and it’s only through the builder. Example, edit your target page and click Save Template

Then add a template name and save it.

Saved templates will then be available in your Template Manager where you can download them all at once.


Hey Rad,

thanks for your feedback. I managed to save all demo sites to one template each. Afterwards I downloaded them to my local drive via Template Manager. But how can I set up now my onepage site ? Sorry I don’t get this.

Thank you in advance



Hey Rad,

its me again. I managed to setup a new template with allinone pages. I can save this in template manager with new name. Also no problem. But whenever I make changes to this new Template I am not able to save it. Or do I have to save to new name for every change I make to this first Allinonepage Template ? I am a bit confused. However if I close my template and switch to Content for example and then want to go back start editing my template I am not able to open it again.
Maybe one of you guys can help me out ?



Hi There,

You don’t have to create new template file for each change of your page.

You just need to save in the same name as you created it before:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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