X Theme - Link To Certain Section on Different Page

I’m creating a single bio page for all the persons highlighted on my site. I want for the images on the individual event pages to link to the actual section of the bio – meaning to skip to that part of the page when the link is clicked. I have each person’s bio set up in an individual section, and a custom ID assigned to each section. However, I’m stuck now.

The image link is obviously to the BIO page, but how does the skip-to-section get executed?

Is one-page navigation required for either since there is a completely separate page that the link is traveling to?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi there,

Thanks for writing around! If the images and bio sections are on the same page then you need to add a link to your image like this: #bio-one and on the same page you should have a section with the ID bio-one.

If the pages are separate then you must give the full URL to the image link e.g http://example.com/#bio-one

For more information please check out https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/features-how-to-setup-one-page-navigation/96

Hope this helps!

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