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I’m looking to add an image at the top of each page that spans the full width. Cornerstone seems to be forcing a border on each side. When I add as a background image it chops the top and bottom off. Is there a way to simply add a static image that is full width and stays responsive without custom coding? Can I just turn off the container in Cornerstone?

I followed these steps in another thread (https://theme.co/apex/forums/topic/full-width-image-in-cornerstone/page/2/) but there’s a dotted line box in cornerstone, and when I save and check the site, it crops the image there (even though it appears exactly how I want it in the Cornerstone editor).

Advice would be appreciated. Site is http://thechangetraining.com

mmm… I suggest that you use the Below Masthead or Above Masthead functionality of the page to add a single slider Revolution Slide to the page.

For more information about above/below masthead:

For more information about Revolution Slider:

For more information about adding a one slide slider in Revolution Slider:

For more information about Responsive Design in Revolution Slider:

Thank you.

I’ll give that a try, thanks.

Let us know how it goes!

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