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I am building a website with X theme, version 6.1.6.

Is it possible to achieve that there is a full width and height background video on a global footer?
The video is hosted on our website.

Thanks in advance,

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully this isn’t a feature offered by X. It could be possible with custom development, but this would be outside the scope of support we can offer. You may wish to consult a developer to assist you with this. X is quite extensible with child themes, so there are plenty of possibilities.

I recommend you to switch to the Pro theme instead:

Thanks for understanding.


thanks for a quick response.

If I switch from x theme to pro, in the middle of development, will that effect the content and programming we did up until this point?

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Hi Luka,

It depends on the level of customizations that you have done to the site. For example, if you have child theme customizations, you may have to review them after updating.

I would suggest you to take a full backup of your current site before upgrading.

Also the best option would be to create a staging site by following our guide here (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/cornerstone-content-builder-migration/126) and then you can test upgrading to Pro version.

Hope that helps.

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