X & Pro - new AUTO Template

Hey Guys,

I’m ready to purchase my 3rd licence from you. I really like using the original X theme and also the new Pro theme.
I also love your new “AUTO” template that is now available in X.
Is the “AUTO” template also available in Pro?
Can I purchase X, install the AUTO template, create a child theme, and then upgrade to Pro and still keep most of the functionality and design of the AUTO template?

If not, how do you suggest I get the AUTO look using Pro?

Hi There,

Although this is not officially recommended by Themeco, it does work, and you could do that.

Hope it helps

Is the free upgrade from X to Pro still available? If no is there still a away to upgrade after purchasing X?
Or, is there or will there be templates available for Pro?


As long as you registered your X license prior to the launch of Pro, you can convert your license at no additional charge.

For more information kindly refer to the link below.

Hope that helps.

Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply. I haven’t purchased my 3rd license yet. Has Pro been officially launched yet?

Hi There,

Yes, Pro is launched.

if you Purchased X before the release of PRo which was about 2 3 months ago, are entitled to free upgrade.

Other wise you will need to pay an upgrade fee.

You can do the upgrade on your licenses page: https://theme.co/apex/licenses

Thank you

Thanks Joao,

I have tried to mimic the formatting of “Auto” on a test page on one of my websites using “Pro” but cannot do it. :expressionless:
I’ll purchase “X” install “Auto”, and then pay for the upgrade to “Pro” as I find “Pro” headers and footers a little easier to put things where I want them. $40 is not a lot to pay if it all works.

I only I hope it all goes to plan and works?
Thanks for your help and have a great weekend.

I am now modifying the X Demo Content but I can’t figure out how to change some of the images can you please help me?
The image I wish to change is on the home page, it appears to be a background image but I can only find a setting for adjusting the background colour.
The image I wish to replace is https://walcom-aus.com/wp-content/uploads/audi-1329482_1920.jpg
I wish to replace it with: https://walcom-aus.com/wp-content/uploads/Home-01.jpg

I also wish to replace https://walcom-aus.com/wp-content/uploads/AZZ.jpg but as above I cannot find a way.
Is there a way or where is the class info stored to change the Callout colours currently it is only allowing me to adjust the text?
Can you please tell me how to change the menu/header background colour? Or, is it just easier if I now upgrade to PRO as I know how easy it is to change in PRO?

Hi there,

It’s the background image of your first section, the second image is in third section. You can simply replace them by inspecting your sections in cornerstone builder and change the background image there :slight_smile:

Please check this https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/cornerstone-interface-inspector/124

Please note that you have to switch back to background image to replace it since you said, your current background is color. You can only replace it by switching back to the background image.

And there is no Callout color option available, you can only change them through CSS. Which part do you wish to change the color? Maybe I could provide a simple CSS :slight_smile:

And add this CSS to your global custom CSS to change your header background color,

.x-navbar {
background: #ccc !important;